COVID-19 Influence on Emotions about Vaccines on Twitter (powered by Ikigai)

COVID-19 Influence on Sentiments about Vaccines on Twitter

Research Question & Specific Aims Research question: “How do public health incidents or epidemics, such as the coronavirus (COVID-19), influence sentiments about vaccines of Twitter users?” Aim 1: To characterize the continuum of emotions about vaccines expressed on Twitter by applying an emotion lexicon on tweets with topics about coronavirus ...

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Vaccine Hesitancy on Twitter (using Ikigai Technology)

Vaccine Hesitancy in Twitter (using Ikigai Technology)

INTRODUCTION Anti-vaccination is one of the top ten global health threats in 2019 deemed by the World Health Organization (WHO). 1 Vaccine-preventable diseases have been shown to kill more than 3 million people per year. 1 Despite the overwhelming evidence of its benefits, 2–5 there is still a growing public ...

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