About Ikigai

IKIGAI helps teams build, automate and deliver awesome data analytics and A.I. from end-to-end. No coding needed.

IKIGAI was founded out of MIT by a team that has over a decade of experience of building A.I. solutions with businesses of various scales and sizes, from venture-backed and world-class start-ups, to public companies and renowned academic institutions.

Our Founders

Ikigai Labs was founded by Vinayak Ramesh (CEO) and Devavrat Shah (CTO):


Vinayak Ramesh

Co-Founder, CEO

Vinayak Ramesh (CEO) previously co-founded Wellframe (www.wellframe.com - raised $45MM+ in funding) to help leading health insurers utilize A.I. to manage their complex patient populations.

He is an MIT-trained computer scientist and was selected to the Forbes 30 under 30 list in recognition of his entrepreneurial work. He received is S.B. and M. Eng degrees from MIT.

Devavrat Shah

Co-founder, CTO

Devavrat Shah (CTO) is a Professor of AI+Decisions within department of EECS at MIT. He is the founding director of Statistics and Data Science Center at MIT.

He previously co-founded Celect (www.celect.com - raised $35MM+ in funding, acquired by Nike in 2019) to help leading retailers to utilize A.I. to optimize their inventories. He has made seminal contributions to statistical inference and machine learning that have had impact in academia and industry.